RoDney Infinite – Dev Log #3 – Controllers, Trailers, & Ships-a-mans-trains!

First let me just drop a trailer on what I’ve been working on lately.

The First RoDney Infinite Concept Trailer

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Controller Support

It took me a while but I finally did it, I got controller support into RoDney! It was a little work going back and re-doing every level I made but the game is all the better for it. Playing with a controller is like a dream come true, it lets me feel the level more, and helps nail that fun gameplay aspect of the game. Just one level took me about two or so hours to complete, which I’ll go over in another post but it works!

The Clear Blue Sea

I’ve decided upon an overall-overworld, an ocean. This way you can sail to regular-overworlds, islands, and sail to them out of order, and I can fill up the sea with tons of secrets. You take your small boat around and find Anchor icons, once hit you scale up the Island and play as the old RoDney sprite. I’m in love with it.

The ocean will be vast, and I’m aiming for something to appear on your screen at least every 15 seconds, be it a complete overworld Island or a small one level island, etc. Everything is still in the beginning stages. I’m even thinking of adding trade routes, and a currency system akin to those space sims that I love so much. Just another element to add though.

Obstacle Course Offshoot – The Score Attack Stage

I created an offshoot of the obstacle course that feels pretty damn fun to play, especially with a controller.

Here are the rules so far:

  • 80 Seconds on the Clock
  • 2 Points for jumping over an obstacle
  • 5 Points for hitting the Red Ring off your head.
  • Multiple Score Paths

If you do well, you end up getting around the 230 score range, but I haven’t hit a ceiling yet, and there are still different ways to try and do better.

Final Words

As I head into 2024, motivation is still strong, and RoDney is still in it’s concept stage. I still have a ton of work to do before I even think about hitting Steam Early Access, I’d like to have at least one hour of gameplay before that happens, and charge a fair, $1.99.

In it’s current state things are coming together nicely. I hope to get some more level variety in there, and flesh things out more on the animation side of things.

See You in 2024.