RoDney Infinite – That’s the new name! That’s what I’m working on, and I’m sticking to it!

Once again I’ve gotten bit by the game-making bug. I want to make RoDney, and I want to put it on Steam for like $2. It’s still very early in the planning stages but I think I can make it work.

I’d use RoDney ReMix as a starting point, with new controls of course, because the old controls, just don’t hold up today. So you would play and complete the remix and then the real game would begin.

I have some of what I think are good ideas, a lot of them that keep the same gameplay loop fresh. I can go to town with that.

Anyways, game development isn’t easy but it’s fun, I love designing levels but I HATE designing the main character animations. This will be interesting.

The Infinite part of the RoDney title is that I would keep releasing new levels maybe on a monthly basis, I can absolutely fill up the game with levels, and like I said I’d change them up enough for them to feel fresh and have some kind of replayability factor to keep people coming back.

Just an example, I demoed a level where you would bounce a coconut on your head, and have to jump over enemies while doing it. Each coconut hit would add something like 6 points, and each jump over a snake would add 3 points. If you let the coconut fall you would be penalized 10 points, and if you make it to the end add like 25 points, something to make it worth it.

This adds a score attack mode, and I love those. It’s just something I’m toying with at the moment.

That’s my update for today, I’ll try to make these bi-weekly.

Thanks for coming, notice the picture? AI made that! A….I….. that is amazing….. WOW!