RoDney Infinite – Dev Log #2 – Obstacle Course

In this dev update, I go over a new level type, the obstacle course. Read on…

The Obstacle Course

In RoDney Infinite, I want there to be a multitude of different level types to keep the game fresh. I have several types planned that go along with the regular pitfall levels. Infinite won’t be just about jumping over snakes and killing great grizzly bears, it will also feature score attack levels.

The first score attack level I’d like to show off is complete, the Obstacle Course type.

There will be many levels of this type, and many different layouts to come up with.

Track & Field

In the obstacle course, there are a few different gameplay elements to keep the level feeling fresh and frantic. One of my fond gaming moments growing up was, playing Track & Field for the 8Bit NES. For those that don’t know, T&F was a game where you competed in different Olympic events, you would run as fast as you could press the A & B buttons alternatively. This was where I developed my “Turbo Finger”, there was even a method using a battery to roll over the buttons very quickly.

Needless to say, this game type was very fun for me and my friends, so I decided to introduce it to RoDney Infinite.

Unique Gameplay Elements

During the Obstacle Course level, you will play like normal but there are mud spots. When you hit the mud spot the game switches to a ‘button masher’ you have to mash the button to wade through the mud. Then you continue running through the level and you come across a zip line that zips you up, here, instead of mashing, you hold a button to zip up and continue running.

Final Words

As a level, I am proud of the Obstacle Course. The mud and zip line segments keep the level flow moving and add to the fun factor as well.

Until the next dev update, the work continues!